TC Work Naval Architect solutions that work

Naval Architect

TC Work offers a wide variety of Naval Architecture services covering the whole life of the ship from initial sketches through to sea trials of the completed design.  For you particular needs please contact us for a detailed assessment.

Structural Designs

  • creating drawing and structural analysis of existing or future designs
  • modification to existing vessels
  • compliance to NSCV or other rules


  • Conducting practical stability assessments
  • Intact & damage stability reports, using leading maritime software
  • Creating of Trim & Stability Books
  • Creating 3D models from 2D lines plans or many other methods

 Ship Motions

  • Undertaking hull designs to minimise hull motions
  • undertaking and recoding motions on existing vessels
  • creating ship transfer functions
  • advising on the requirements for additional ship motion reduction statergies, such as roll fins, interceptors, ballast tanks and many more depending on your particular vessel


  • Prediction of engine power requirements
  • Range calculations
  • Planning and conducting full scale speed trials
  • Witnessing & organising model tests
  • creating reports from model tests
  • hull design optimisation through CFD or other programs

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Do you need to know how the air will flow around your new house, or the way water will flow through a tunnel, or the fluid flow around a new hull form we have it covered

TC Work is positioned to solve your marine requirements be it large or small,




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